About Us

Meet our management team

With a superb management team in place and very experienced backers, we bring various Risk Management; Private Equity; FX Trading; Consulting and Financial Crime Compliance knowledge and skills to Limtz.


Caen Suffield

Co-founder & our CEO
Having worked for over 20 years in various international Investment & European Retail Banking teams and more recently within global Asset Management, it was fantastic to receive this exciting opportunity late in 2017, to drive forward with this business, Limtz. As time has rapidly moved on, we are delighted to share with you our Limtz prepaid card programme manager product suite and services.

This is a unique time in global business and a plethora of opportunities await, Limtz are here to establish for you bespoke prepaid cards solutions. By partnering with market leading organisations, that have strong established systems and global reach, we strive to develop business opportunities with you, increasing your product offerings and effectively reducing your longer term operational costs.

I look forward to engaging with each and every one of you in the foreseeable future, adding more value and quality services, to your product portfolio, as our relationships flourish and businesses grow together.


Brian Dowd

Co-founder & our CTO
Our CTO Brian brings a wealth of technical expertise to our enterprise. With over 20 years of industry experience, having started out in the telecoms industry, before quickly moving into financial services, Brian has for the last 15 years honed his expertise in eFX. This has combined technical architecture design and development of low-latency, high-frequency international FX trading solutions.

In early 2018 when presented with this opportunity, to realise the technical vision needed for Limtz, Brian excitedly embraced this new challenge. He continually improves our technical landscape to further enable and support our clients via integrated efficient platforms.


Ed Kaya

Co-founder & our CFO
Ed has been working in the banking and hedge fund sectors for 18 years, where he started out as a Derivatives trader before moving on to Trading and Risk systems implementation and Algorithmic Black Box trading. Over the years, he has built many relationships with Fund Managers, FX & Derivatives brokers and Banking personnel.

His relationship management skills are the finest in the industry. Ed continues to bring many interested parties to this exciting new business, that we see growing into a much larger corporation, whilst retaining specialist customer service. Ed will be an extremely valued partner for your organisation, as you transcend the journey into your own prepaid card programmes, offering his unique warm character to all Relationship Management & Marketing functions.

Ed also leads on all Legal and Financial Control activities, whilst managing the external vendor partners and Limtz shareholder relations.